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Australian Wrestling League is born!

Australian Wrestling Alliance - AWA and Pro Wrestling League join forces to set a new benchmark for Queensland Professional Wrestling.

The owners of both AWA and Pro Wrestling League have come to the decision to merge into one to create Australian Wrestling League. The Pro Wrestling League Championship has been retired and the AWA Heavyweight Championship will he now be recognised as the Australian Wrestling League Heavyweight Championship, currently held by Smashface’ Mitch McCarthy. All other active AWA Championships and contractually opportunities (Tag Team Titles, Queensland Openweight Title, Homecoming Cup and Revolution Royale Contract) are now all under the Australian Wrestling League banner.

One of the most frequently asked questions we have received is about location of shows. We are pleased to announce we will continue to run Gold Coast AND Brisbane based shows on a monthly basis, alternating between the two cities each month. Brisbane Australian Wrestling League events will feature a mix of the beloved 18+ and the addition of more All Ages shows. As you may have seen in our reveal video, the forecast for the rest of year was revealed in the conclusion of said video.

This is an exciting and fruitful time for Professional Wrestling as a whole and the entire team at Australian Wrestling League is out to prove we belong. We are the benchmark and we will give you the best quality of show every time. Not just the wrestling, but as a head to toe production our aim is to be the best and give you the best experience money can buy. We still have an array of exciting announcements to make as the year rolls on, so get ready for the new era!

The first official Australian Wrestling League event is ‘Enter Phase One’ which will be held Saturday, February 29th at the Kedron-Wavell Services Club. This will be an All Ages event and tickets are on sale now!

For more information on upcoming shows, roster and all other news, this is the place to find it Facebook: Australian Wrestling League @auswrestlingleague Instagram: @auswrestlingleague backup IG: @auswrestling_league Twitter: @AusWLeague YouTube: @Australian Wrestling League

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