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Enter Phase One Results and Recap

The new era began with Nashy making the official announcement that we have infact entered Phase One! Adonis joined Nashy in the ring to take on a new role as the new co-host and commentator for Australian Wrestling League. The pair were soon interrupted by Sorrow, making the announcement why Adonis is not wrestling. With an offical letter in hand from Australian Wrestling League management which stated Adonis was not cleared to compete for the foreseeable future due to the vicious attack from Sorrow & AsHe at Holiday Hell which broke the neck of Adonis. Before things got out of hand Bobby Bishop made his way to the ring to save Adonis from harm and lay down a challenge to Sorrow for a match which he promptly accepted and that match began straight away.

Bobby Bishop was extremely impressive, clearly using a lot of the new skills he has picked up recently whilst travelling and training to better himself. We saw a new side to both of these competitors, Bishop displaying a much more technical and aggressive approach. Meanwhile Sorrow displayed a new level of malice and intent to injure as he targeted the neck of Bobby Bishop, all whilst giving the occasional taunt to Adonis on the commentary desk. After some unexpected high flying attempts from Bobby Bishop, he dipped into the well one to many times as Sorrow cut Bishop off as we was perched on the top rope to then deliver a devastating hangman’s DDT from while Bobby was on the top rope! This would secure Sorrow the victory.

Match 2 was the Six Pack Scramble between Jack Tarr, Blair Seeker, Lucille Brawl, YNG Chad, Outback Adam accompanied to ring by his manager Combat Wombat and the mystery sixth person who was NOT Rufio, although Rufios music was playing it was Wacols Most Wanted who came out and announced Cockroach would be entering the six pack scramble. With the match officially underway it was chaos as you’d except. Jack Tarr was impressive throughout, showing off his size and strength with every opportunity he got. YNG Chad took to the skies and nearly went through the roof with his insane standing senton. Cockroach was manic throughout the match but seemed to be able to keep up and have a counter for a lot of people’s moves. Lucille Brawl and Outback Adam seemingly decided to pair up for the match and under the guiding eye of Combat Wombat delivered stereo tush tackles. The duo didn’t last as Jack Tarr took then out with a huge double suplex. As the match came to a close Blair Seeker looked to have the match one until he was taken out by the maniac Cockroach who took himself out in the process. This left a downed Jack Tarr in a precarious position in the ring and Outback Adam took advantage with a massive frog splash to secure the victory.

Match 3. GenNext vs. JL Gold and Jason Hyde. GenNext accompanied to the ring by Todd Eastman ditched the pink and had some shiny new Gucci inspired gear for the new era. This match got underway with the most experienced man in the ring JL Gold quickly getting on top of GenNext, this was short lived as the tag champions managed to gain the advantage and did not let it go! Cutting the ring in half and keeping JL Gold isolated in there half of the ring the champs began to tear JL Gold apart. Desperate for a tag after taking serious damage Gold leaped for Jason Hyde who came in to clear house and show off why he is the human highlight reel. Flipping and flying all over the place Hyde looked liked he was almost about to get the win, until Todd Eastman did what he does best, take advantage of distracted referees. Eastman threw one of the tag team belts to a downed Mitch Ryder, the oblivious Jason Hyde went for his shooting star press only to meet the steel of the belt, this led to GenNext retaining the tag team titles in there second defence.

Match 4. The battle of Queensland’s best and brightest. Tim Kade vs. Jake Nova w/Todd Eastman vs. E.C Diamond. Before the match began, Todd Eastman used his power as Australian Wrestling League general manager to force E.C Diamond to put his Homecoming Cup on the line! Diamond accepted the challenge and the match was underway, now with the Homecoming Cup and a title shot of your choosing up for grabs. This match was just the right amount of mayhem and insanity. We knew these three men would go above and beyond to out do each other and we weren’t wrong. Not one man seemed to ever hold an advantage for long. It’s nearly impossible to cover this match with words and just needs to be seen once Enter Phase One goes online for your viewing pleasure. The match ended in spectacular fashion as Tim Kade launched himself with a huge springboard only to be met by E.C Diamonds superkick mid air! Diamond retained his Homecoming Cup.

We were brought back from intermission with the exciting announcement from Nashy and Adonis that Enter Phase One was SOLD OUT!

Match 5. Our second championship match of the night. The Queensland Openweight Championship was on the line as Xander Sullivan deafened against Daniels Republican, CJ. These toe knew each other inside and out, having trained together in there earlier days they had a counter for everything they threw at each other. CJ had a few questionable moments with Referee Beck, letting his sinister Daniels Republic attitude shine through as he tried to put her in danger on a couple of occasions. This ultimately was not enough as Xander Sullivan hit his signature headbutt out of nowhere with extra momentum to keep CJ down for the three count.

Match 6. Renegade set to take on The Daniels Republic (Jesse Daniels, Draegan, Roberto Puccino, James Jaeger) before the bell could be rung Jesse Daniels sent his republicans to attack Renegade 3 on 1. Then the music of Lynx Lewis Jnr hit. Lynx rushed the ring and shocked the Republic and the crowd, calling them out and laying the challenge for The Daniels Republic to take on Strong94 fka Street Revolution. Commissioner Syam made the tag team match offical, giving Strong94 the options to choose which two Republic members to face, but Strong94 opted to take on all four members in a Handicap tag team match! With the match now underway, Strong94 showed just how good of a tag team they are, laying waste to every member of the Republic, Jesse Daniels frustrated with in-experienced disciples looked to take control. This led to an all out assault on Strong94 until the duo was able to get on top once again and ultimately gaining the victory and getting justice for Renegade. What’s next for Strong94? This formidable tag team could shake up the entire tag division.

Match 7. The Australian Wrestling League Championship was on the line. But now under HARDCORE RULES! “The Monster” Rip Rielly made his way to the ring, trash can in hand, ready to cause some mayhem. “Smashface” Mitch McCarthy at first came to the ring empty handed then went back behind the curtain to return with a ladder in hand. These men meant business and it was balls to the wall from the very first ding of the bell. Rip Rielly tried to walk away from Mitch McCarthy only to be met with a high speed suicide dive! It didn’t take long for the weapons to be used, we saw chairs, street signs, chain, baking trays, a trash can and a ladder all used so these two beasts could tear each other apart in violent fashion. A piledriver onto a trash can couldn’t keep Mitch McCarthy down, then the champ delivered a Piledriver of his own to Rip Rielly onto almost every weapons within his reach piled up underneath Rip Riellys head, this was enough to keep the monster down.

Before Mitch McCarthy had a chance to celebrate or even recover from the brutal match, E.C Diamond cashed in his Homecoming Cup! McCarthy was in no condition to have another championship match but tried his best to defend. E.C Diamond delivered a hellacious superkick to our Smashface down for a 3 count and become NEW Australian Wrestling League Champion!

Thank You to everyone who came and supported the first Australian Wrestling League event, you can catch us again on March 21st and Griffith Uni Bar, Southport when Australian Wrestling League presents: RISE TO GLORY.

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