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Jaxon Cross seeks redemption at Day Of Reckoning.

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Jaxon cross has been on a losing streak within Pro Wrestling League since the debut event back in November 2018 at Project: Revolution. After his loss to Corndog at ‘The Fire Rises’, Steve Moore engaged Jaxon Cross and it appears Steve Moore sees wasted potential in Cross, and has offered Cross his guidance moving forward.

Since ‘The Fire Rises’, Moore has again lived up to his monicker, ‘The Deal Maker’, and has signed a deal to allow Cross a chance to redeem himself. Moore wants Cross to go back to where this losing streak began with, ‘The Devine One’ Adonis.

Steve Moore believes if Cross can overcome Adonis, the man who pinned Cross all those months ago, this will be the key to unlocking the motivation to do what it takes to succeed.

On the other hand, we have Adonis, the fan favourite with a very unique style, that has so far kept him undefeated within Pro Wrestling League and has continually retained his contract for an opportunity at the Australian Pro Wrestling League Championship.

Will Jaxon Cross have his redemption or will Adonis remain undefeated in Pro Wrestling League?

Find out August 17th at Pro Wrestling League presents ‘Day Of Reckoning’.

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