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Xander Sullivan has reclaimed the Queensland Openweight Championship and in the process has sent Sebastian Matters packing. At Holiday Hell Sullivan defeated Matters in a hellacious hardcore battle and immediately the hunt began for the first person to challenge the two time Openweight Champion!

At The Purge: New Dawn a fatal 4 way to determine a new No.1 Contender took place between Zac Reynolds, Spaceman, Jason Hyde and CJ of the Daniels Republic. It was clear that all of these men wanted that opportunity but ultimately CJ came out on top and surprisingly without help from The Daniels Republic.

The battlelines were drawn as Warhead’ Xander Sullivan and CJ had an intense face off immediately after the match. At Enter Phase One these two men will meet one on one with the Queensland Openweight Championship on the line!

Who will walk out on top? And will the Daniels Republic stay out of the way?

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Gold Coast, Australia