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As announced this week, Xander Sullivan will he defending his Queensland Openweight Championship against one of Australian Wrestling League’s most beloved wrestlers, Outback Adam.

Outback Adam has been impressive ever since he burst onto the scene just over a year ago. But he’s been even more impressive in 2020, showing a grittier side of himself at The Purge: New Dawn when it came down to just Rip Rielly and Outback Adam as the final two competitors in the hardcore rumble, Outback Adam showed us he can flip the switch and go into another gear when it’s called upon. Then again at Enter Phase One when Outback Adam defeated 5 other competitors in the six pack scramble. Australian Wrestling League management decided that Outback Adam is deserving of a title shot.

His next challenge is the only two time Openweight Champion, Xander Sullivan. There’s no denying Xander Sullivan has the heart and determination and all he ever asks for is people to bring him there best! In turn Warhead Xander Sullivan puts anyone who stands before him to the ultimate test. With the perfect combination of strength, wits, technical ability and grappling experience, Xander Sullivan is one of the most dangerous men on the Australian Wrestling League roster.

Can the hungry young wildlife explorer from the outback dethrone the man with the iron forehead at Rise To Glory?

Find out Saturday, March 21st at Griffith Uni Bar in Southport!

Tickets on sale now and selling quick.

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