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Project: Revolution 2 one man will walk out with two Championships!

At Day of Reckoning, it was confirmed that at Project: Revolution 2, Mick Moretti would have to defend his Australian Pro Wrestling League Championship in a Ladder Match, against 3 other men in Mitch McCarthy, Renegade and Jason Cross. McCarthy and Renegade won their respective triple threat match ups at Day of Reckoning to gain their spot in the match, whereas Cross defeated Adonis for the Championship Contract opportunity and cashed in for his spot.

Since Day of Reckoning, changes to the match up have occurred; at AWA presents Beers and Bruises, Jesse Daniels regained the AWA Heavyweight Championship after interjecting himself into the championship match.

Following Daniels victory, he approached Pro Wrestling League General Manager Todd Eastman and suggested he deserved a spot in the main event Ladder Match for the Australian Pro Wrestling League Championship at Project: Revolution 2.

Daniels felt that he was entitled to spot in the match, due to his recent AWA victory, becoming one of only a few men who have become a two time AWA Heavyweight Champion, that he feels he is the best Queensland has to offer and that he should be the champion of both AWA and Pro Wrestling League. Eastman explained, Daniels has not earned an opportunity in Pro Wrestling League to fight for the Australian Pro Wrestling League Championship; but after careful consideration, Eastman gave Daniels his opportunity and confirmed that Jesse Daniels would be a fifth person fighting for the Australian Pro Wrestling League Championship.

Eastman wasn’t done though; Daniels got his spot in the match, but with one condition, the AWA Heavyweight Championship would be on the line as well.

At Project: Revolution 2, the one year anniversary of Pro Wrestling League, the main event will be: Mick Moretti, Mitch McCarthy, Renegade, Jaxon Cross and Jesse Daniels, every man for themselves, in a Ladder Match and hanging above the ring will be the AWA Heavyweight Championship and the Australian Pro Wrestling League Championship.

One man will become a double champion across the two premier Queensland Professional Wrestling Companies.

What will this mean for Queensland wrestling as we know it?

You will have to be at Pro Wrestling League presents Project: Revolution 2, to see what unfolds and who will be left standing as the first man to become both the AWA Heavyweight Champion and the Australian Pro Wrestling League Champion.

Tickets available now!

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