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The Fire Rises results

May 25th Pro Wrestling League presented: The Fire Rises

Match 1

Wrestle Ramages own defeated Jaxson Cross

Match 2

Adonis retained his contract for a shot at the Pro Wrestling League Championship against Sebastian Matters, Outback Adam, Jake Nova, John Skyfall and Jade Diamond.

Match 3

Gen Next defeated AWA tag team champions Retro Bros

Match 4

After a brutal No DQ match Mitch McCarthy managed to get the win over Jesse Daniels

Match 5

Jesse Love defeated long time rival Zeke Andino

Match 6

Renegade managed to get the win over Caveman Ugg, Spaceman Dacey and Xander Sullivan

Match 7

Your Pro Wrestling League Champion Mick Moretti defeated Tim 'The King' Kade

Pro Wrestling League returns to the SCC August 17 for Day Of Reckoning.

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Gold Coast, Australia