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Due to unforeseen circumstances Jaxon Cross will no longer be appearing at Enter Phase One. This has made way for what could be one of the most high octane Triple Threat Matches of all time.

Tim Kade has now been added to the previously announced match between Jake Nova and E.C Diamond. Three of Queensland’s top talents will clash!

Jake Nova who of course is always accompanied to ring by Todd Eastman has demanded a rematch from Holiday Hell to settle the score with E.C Diamond, but it’s a guarantee Showtime Jake Nova was not prepared for the addition of Tim Kade. Hands down one of the most sought after superstars of Queensland with string of title reigns throughout the state over the years. There’s always been a debate over who is the true King of Queensland out of these two.

Enter the Prince of Queensland, the Diamond Standard! E.C Diamond, the current Homecoming Cup holder has taken Queensland wrestling by storm and has become the fastest rising star the state has seen. After returning home from a successful trip to America to train and perform with OVW, E.C Diamond locked horns with Jake Nova at Holiday Hell and defeated the veteran wrestler in an exciting and fast paced bout.

There’s no doubt that when all three of these men meet in the same ring that it will be pure pandemonium! Three vastly different yet similar styles fuelled by pure adrenaline and downright insanity. These men are bound to pull of some death defying moves to out do each other.

This match is one that cannot be missed and most likely will never happen again.

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