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When will "The Devine One" cash in?

Adonis aka “The Divine One” a God like no other that carries himself and his golden fanny pack with a sense of purpose, what lies beneath the flap of that golden pack is the Pro Wrestling League contract which can be cashed in at any Pro Wrestling League event for an instant title opportunity. Adonis has teased one cash in so far at “The Fire Rises” but was a little late for it to be deemed a cash in attempt.

We asked Adonis when and how he plans to use his contract next and he answered with this.

“Ohh yes! I can tell you that I definitely will be cashing it, but when? That information I cannot disclose, I have a plan to defeat the Rapscallion. Which I also can’t disclose, just rest assured that soon enough I will be the Pro Wrestling League Champion. Oh and you best believe I’ll be celebrating with a bottle of wine or ten and it will be DIVINE.”

The ever flamboyant and rather unpredictable Adonis most certainly cannot be denied that what’s he’s done so far has worked for him as he is currently UNDEFEATED in Pro Wrestling League. I guess all we can do is keep a close eye on Adonis to see what he has planned next.

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Gold Coast, Australia